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Introducing the go-pod® from go-pod UK
Until now you could only buy a motorcycle cover based on whether your bike was small, medium, large or extra large. 
Today you have a better choice, a choice that’s based on what type of motorcycle you have, a cover designed specifically for your bike.
No other bike cover offers you this level of compatibility!
Here at go-pod® UK, we are passionate about protecting and fully covering your precious motorcycles. It is because we understand the needs of our customers, that we have designed and developed the go-pod®.
go-pod® will revolutionise how you protect your bike both at home and while out-and-about.
"bike lovers will love the Go-pod, it protects your bike beautifully"..Bike magazine

What is a go-pod®?
Simply: A strong, lightweight,waterproof cover for your bike.
Take it with you without feeling like you’re carrying the kitchen sink!
go-pod® folds up into its own custom bag, which fixes to the pillion seat, or around the rider’s waist.
"..it was my best Christmas present so far" ...BBC Top Gear Magazine